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ProBiotechnology (Greek pro bios -for life) is a process of production and using of natural products based on useful microbiological compositions, probiotic microorganisms and their metabolites, and other natural products and components such as minerals, plant extracts, enzymes, organic and natural fertilizers, whose task is to beneficial effects on ecosystems, human health and the environment.

On the basis of ProBiotechnology are made ProBio Emy


ProBio Ems (gr. pro bios -for life) are produced in the natural fermentation process using cultures of maternal SCD (KM) that is selected and respectively composed of bacterial, minerals, enriched compositions and herbal supplements. According to the definition of the FAO / WHO, probiotics are "live microorganisms, when applied in sufficient quantity have a positive impact on the health of the host."

ProBio Ems Improve the quality and health of all ecosystems.


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