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EmFarma - 20 liters canister

EmFarma - 20 liters canister

EmFarma improves the quality of the soil, eliminates odour, sterilizes rooms.


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EmFarma is generally used to raise the quality of the soil, sterilize  farm buildings, reduce fungal diseases and powdery mildews. It s

timulates the growth of plants and increases the assimilatioin of nutrients.



- raises biological activity and improves the fertility of the soil;

- helps to create tubercular structure and to regulate air and water relation in soil;

-increases the ability of plants to photosynthesis which leads to growth of immunity and vitality, better germination, rooting, florescence, setting of fruit and their ripening.

- accelerates the decomposition of organic matter and improves composting process;

- increases the availability of macro and microelements, including not available forms, lying in soil;

- guarantees the optimal use of water;

- activates digestion of manure;

- helps with waistwater treatment;

- neutralizes odours, revitalizes water, has an antiseptic, probiotic and antioxidant effect;



Arable lands:

- Before cultivation: 20-200 liters for 1ha mixed with 200-400 liters of water;

- During the growth of plants: 10-30 liters for 1ha mixed with 200-400 liters of water;

Vegetables and gardens:

- Into the soil before sowing, vegetables and ornamental plants cultivation: 2-3 litres for 100 m² mixed with 10-20 liters of water;

- for prepared subsoil: 1-2 liters for 1 m³ mixed with 10-20 liters of water;

- for plant spraying: 1 liter mixed with 20-50 litera of water

- for watering plants: 1 liter mixed with 50-100 liters of water;

Slurry: fermentation and sterilization:

- 1-3 liters for 1m³


- fermentation and valorization: 1-3 liters for 1m³


-1-10 liters for 1 m³





- those are living organisms which cannot be mixed with any chemicals;


- treatments shouldn't be done durig strong insolation;






Store in cool, dark place, out of the reach of children.




Content: 20 liters




Certificate: PZH/HT 2508/2011








This logo guarantees the highest quality of SCD Probiotic Technology


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  • Weight 20.20

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